Your arrival and settlement to Australia will be very easy with our Settlement services

2019 Mar 10

Your arrival and settlement to Australia will be very easy with our Settlement services

Whether or not you have ever visited Australia, the idea of beginning a new life in an unfamiliar place can be a little daunting. We aim to make your arrival and settlement as easy and comfortable as possible, ensuring you have all you need to begin this next stage of the relocation process.

What is settlement?

Settlement is the period of adjustment that occurs following a migrant or refugee's arrival in a new country, as they become established and independent in their new society.​

The Settlement Experience​

Settlement experiences will vary for each migrant, depending on factors such as their English language ability, whether they have visited Australia before, whether they have family and friends in Australia and whether or not they are joining the labour force.

For some people the period until they become able to operate independently may be relatively short (six to twelve months), while for others it may last a number of years. Most people will need some help to settle quickly and successfully.

As soon as you arrive, you will need somewhere to live, money to live on and information on services available to help you get started, such as schools, transport and health services. Shortly after you arrive, you will also need access to employment and education. You may also need access to English language classes and help to form individual and family social networks. We can help you to settle in Australia successfully.

Before you arrive in Australia

We provide the below services before your arrive in Australia:

  • being in direct and frequent contact with you to facilitate your travel to Australia
  • liaise with you to find the most appropriate/desirable state and city to settle upon your entry into Australia
  • providing you a mobile number in Australia so you can pass it to your family and friends before you leave your country of residence
  • providing you with a list of documents & information to bring with you in order to facilitate a much quicker

settlement for you and your family

  • finding you a temporary accommodation based on your needs, until you find a place meeting all your expectations
  • providing you with necessary information on what to bring and what not to bring with you to Australia
  • ​providing you the information you need for your arrival in Australia (stopovers/transit, immigration, customs, quarantine, security issues)

After you arrive in Australia

​Below are the services we provide after your arrival in Australia:

  • meeting and greeting you at the airport
  • ​assisting you with the luggage claim and handling    
  • providing you with the sim-card of allocated mobile number (a mobile handset will be provided for temporary use as well)
  • driving you to your temporary accommodation
  • providing you with a list of essential contact numbers and addresses (police, doctors, hospitals, embassies, ) and places of interest (cinemas, shopping centers, restaurants, )
  • assisting you with your shopping and basic needs for the first week
  • assist you in finding a long term accommodation
  • assist you in obtaining the most important documents, services, registrations  in the first few days after you arrive (banking, Medicare, insurance, TFN, drivers license, etc. )
  • providing assistance in buying/renting a car
  • assisting you in job hunting (including CV preparation)​

 * transportation mentioned above is provided for a family of up to four people.

If you need any further assistance, please do let us know and we will inform you whether or not we are capable of providing you the requested service(s).

To get a quotation for the above services, please contact us and will be happy to prepare a quotation based on your needs and requirements.