18 July 2019
After consulting with some immigration attorneys who unanimously believed that I had no ways to get the investment visa (subclass 188), I called to Dear Leila. She received all my conditions with open arms and assured me that I was able to obtain that visa and accept my case. During the course of preparation of the documents, their colleague, with full experience and skill, were at my side and prepared all the documents. Dear Leila, was always available, responsive and devoted to all immigration matters. Every time I suffered stress and frustration, she was very cordial to me and my family until she called me on the 5/07/2019 and gave me the good news of granting the visa to me. My family and I always appreciate her and appreciate her kindness VISA AUS team. I think she’s the most skilled and truthful lawyer in the migration affairs, and I wish her all the best in all the stages of work and life
Sina Khodadad
09 July 2019
Two years ago, when I started searching about Australian skilled worker visa, I got to know Mrs. Aria through visaaus website. At first, I thought it was going to be an easy process until my visa is granted, but it turned out to be very complicated with many ups and downs. However, the important thing there was that I was working with Leila who patiently and thoroughly consulted me and did not let me down. She is greatly knowledgeable, supportive and committed to her work and frankly talking she will eventually find a way to get you what you want. I truly and honestly recommend her to everyone who has started thinking big
Erfan Alibakhshi
18 April 2019
My experience with Leila and team was extremely great and smooth. I came across her profile in 2014 and since then, our relationship has blossomed. Leila and team will give you the confidence in whatever migration case you are embarking on. Their knowledge, experience, confidence and patience are a package that I would commend one to try out. We started the process mid last year, and after submitting all relevant documentation, we were able to get our Visa after 2 weeks. They really guide you during the migration process and will always keep you updated with happenings that follow. Ali and Pegah, I would also want to thank you for the support and patience shown to us. I wouldn’t ask for a better Migration Agent Service Team than VisaAus Team. I therefore, recommend Leila and Team (VisaAus) for any migration services. You are simply the best. Thanks VisaAus!!
Nicholas Ngoma
16 March 2019
l am pleased to say that I had a great experience of migration process with Ms. Leila Aria and her team. My family and I were lucky enough to get familiar with Leila as expertise in the migration process. In my opinion, immigration could be a challenging process but with a well-informed and professional agent you do not have to struggle with it, even you do not have to think about it; all in all Leila and her team are the one who you can trust and make this path easy and achievable for you. I really recommend Leila for everyone who is going to immigrate. Thanks for everything Leila
Benjamin Haddadi
13 March 2019
It's rare you come across standout talent like Leila. I was lucky that Leila was introduced to me by a friend about two years ago when I was disappointed about my immigration process. After the first interview with her, I found her completely logical and not trying to show too much blue sky ahead, unlike other lawyers I had worked with. It was Leila's first impression on me and she was exactly the person I was looking for. Now I am happy because I made a right decision and Leila's skill resulted in a permanent visa for me and my wife. No matter how many deadlocks you faced with in your immigration process and how much frustrated you are, Leila will fulfill your expectations.
Siavash Kiani
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