20 January 2014
Dear Mrs. Reypour,
I appreciate your time and support during last two years. Visa Aus will be recommended, as I have done before, to my friends who are looking for a high profile agent like you. Once again, thank you and all the best.
Mohammad Javadi
17 January 2014
I strongly recommend Ms Leila Reypour as the professional registered migration agent. I have found her to be a supportive, valuable, and reliable. Ms Leila Reypour has a positive attitude and is always willing to help. I am very impressed with her skills, ability to find creative solutions, and organizing time efficiently.
Ali B Soltani
11 January 2014
Mrs Leila Reypour is one of the most skillful and knowledgeable immigration lawyers, who could lead your immigration process to success. I would like to thank her for all her support and guidance
Saeed Roozbahani
27 December 2013
Leila is the best migration agent that i have ever seen.
She is really hard work and knowledgeable also she is really patient and she does not hide any thing from her clients.She knows all the migration rules. Many of my friend decided to migrant however due to the fact that they use week migration agent their visa rejected. I really suggest Leila for people who has decided to migrate.
Thank you Leila for every thing that you did moreover for your great support
Vahid Amini
19 October 2013
I would like to admire dear Leila and his lovely husband which they have changed my life. She presented professional assistance to my complicated immigration case with best achievement. She accepted my case that nobody willing to. My feeling to them after first conversation was I found valuable friends then reliable lawyers. I had few lawyers before them but just they know how to hit the point. In all honestly, I wouldn’t be here if they did not help me. I introduced few of my best friends to her and they got the same as I got.
Mohammad Javadi
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