08 July 2014
We are proud to highly recommend Visaaus as a reliable immigration agency to everyone decides to migrate to Australia. We have been very impressed with their dedicated, professional, prompt and friendly services.
Mrs Leila Reypour and her team have always been on hand to response any concern or query anytime even after business hours. They always kept us up to date about the changes in immigration laws and also the progress of our application.
We had consulted with many immigration lawyers and consultants before we met Leila, however, through her unique approaches she changed our point of view about the migration procedures as we had a very bad experience with our previous migration agency.
Leila managed to give us the comfort and confidence we required. She gave us valuable advice and pathways which led to a successful application for permanent residency in Australia.
Visaaus is a great immigration agency to trust your application to, they lead the way to success.
Million thanks to Visaaus for making our dream come true!
Pedram and Leila
17 June 2014
I had unexpected obstacle in launching my application for Aus.So many attorney believe that it never be solved. But Leila with high experience and ample knowledge in this issue can changed the situation . I should appreciate from her favor .
parisa Ojaroodi
17 May 2014
Leila is a professional,responsible and reliable agent with a broad area of expertise.I dealt with a serious problem in my application applied by myself and when I contacted Leila she wrote a comprehensive letter to my case officer, called her and her manager and explained the details and followed the procedure until she managed to solve it completely.Althogh I was in Iran she always contacted me to give an update about my enquiry procedure.She also sends all up-to-date migrating laws and information to all of her clients regularly by e-mail.
I strongly recommend her to everybody who wants to migrate to Australia with any kind of visa.
I'm sure that all of her clients will experience an easy migration process by her up-dated knowledge and wonderful time management.
David Rabbani
08 May 2014
Thank you so much for making this visa possible. Visaaus was very helpful with any questions.
Reza Bahrami
17 April 2014
Leila is a profesional migration lawyer. I found her very supportive and responsible while I was her client. She always contacted me to give me an update about my latest case situation and new laws and regulations. I found her very trustworthy as a lawyer and as a friend, and I always relay on her advises. I strongly recommend her to anyone that want to start migration process. Migration is an stressful experience and unpredictable process. But working with Leila would facilitate this process and make it a good experience.
Ehsan Semsar
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