23 November 2020
As a client of Leila through all my Visa process, I experienced professionalism and ease of mind as I knew she and her team know what was the best for me and they did a great job, totally happy and I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs her expertise and appreciates great service.
Pedram Mohammadi
06 August 2020
Without the help of Leila Aria and her team, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had.
I am extremely excited and happy. Thank you so much for all your help with my permanent residency Visa!
Ms. Aria is an outstanding, professional and knowledgeable lawyer. I highly recommend her as I have never been nor have I ever seen anyone treated better.
Pooyeh Amini
19 June 2020
Dear Ms. Leila Aria
We are really thankful to you as a proficient, ethical, and exceptionally caring lawyer.
Thanks for all your effort and dedication to our visa application throughout this long process. We are grateful for your professional guidelines and your great supports strolling this very difficult pathway together toward a valuable success as believed this was a very professional approach for an important mission.

Yours Sincerely
Elham & Saeed
Elham & Saeed
25 December 2019
It’s now my pleasure to greatly appreciate VISA Aus and its wonderful director, Australian Registered Migration Agent, JD Leila Aria for all consultations and advices in my immigration pathway to Australia.

I remember when my spouse and I decided to immigrate to Australia, we went to VISA Aus office in Tehran. They treated kindly and accepted our case certainly after checking our situation in details.

I opted Leila because at first, she was one of the most Iranian experienced MARA agents. Besides, she was confident that I would be assessed as a professional engineer via EA.

Leila and her organized team helped me precisely by gathering documents, guiding in CDR writing, and preparing all requirement forms. They definitely played an important role in submitting EOI, receiving invitation as well as issuing our visa.

Today, my visa was granted and I’m completely satisfied with providing services by VISA Aus. I’m glad to have been introduced to Leila Aria and will absolutely suggest her to anyone who want to immigrate to Australia.
Mehdi Najafi
02 September 2019
I have been looking for a perfect migration agent for so long until I found Ms. Leila Aria. She assesses my case and condition carefully and informed me of the risk that may happen during the process from the very beginning, so I decided to start the process. With her and her supervision and her powerful team, I was able to get my visa within 5 months... I would recommend Ms Aria to anyone who would like to start their migration process
Seyed Reza Mohassel, PMP, PRINCE II
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