09 November 2016
I would like to express my gratitude to VISA Aus team and Ms. Leila Reypour who granted our visa. During the process, we got very satisfactory customer service which shows their responsiveness, empathy and high commitment attitude, I will strongly recommend Visa Aus to those who want to have safe and easy process!
24 April 2016
I would like to express my gratitude to VISA Aus Support Team specially the team manager, Ms. Pegah Horriat Parvar for assistance and positive results regarding my visa application.
Keyvan Ghasemi
22 April 2016
I got my visa in less than one year. I highly recommend Ms. Leila as a reliable migration agent to everyone who wants to apply for an Australian visa. She is one of the most knowledgeable immigration agents. I do appreciate her efforts during my visa processing.
kayvan ghasemi
13 April 2016
For those who are keen to apply for Australian permanent residency, I have worked with Leila as my agent and am pretty happy with her support and assistance
Esmaeil Eshaghi
16 March 2016
Leila has helped me to obtain my Australian Permanent Residentship VISA as a registered immigration agent. The process was successful thanks to Leila's professional skills and her strong personality. I strongly recommend Leila as an immigration agent.
Morteza Mousavi Barroudi
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