24 May 2017
I am a former client of Mrs Mrs. Leila Reypour's and I had a with the process of my permanent visa I got last November, thanks to her skills and knowledge in this field and her useful advice. She also has a great,responsible, and attentive team by her side always revising the smallest details on your documents and making sure that your application will go through with minimal to no obscurities which leaves no room for the immigration officers to get back to you with harassing and time-consuming questions which would in turn delay the grant of your visa. I highly recommend working with her and her team in Visa Aus if are still on the fence as to which agent to choose for your visa application.
Niloofar Ordou
17 May 2017
About a year ago, after weeks of seeking for an agent for Australia immigration process, I decided to work with Ms. Reypour and her team, the Visa Aus company. Now, at the time when I've received the desired outcome, I am really glad with that decision. It was a great experience working with Ms. Reypour. During the past months, I felt honesty, responsibility and proficiency in every step of my case. I want to appreciate her and I strongly recommend Ms. Reypour and her team to anyone who want to start this process.
Afshin Mesbah
17 May 2017
We had a chance to work with Mrs. Leila Reypour for the last few months. We never could get our visa without her advice. She has also considered all our potential options to give us the most suitable pathway. She is totally experienced and expert in her field. I would highly recommend her company to any visa seekers since I found them so professional and supportive.
Milad Alavi
15 May 2017
I want to appreciate Ms. Horriat for her Outstanding performance as the team manager of Visa Aus company. I really enjoy working with her during the stressful time of Visa procedure.
Afshin Mesbah
03 February 2017
I want to appreciate Mrs. Leila Reypour for her great job in my immigration process. I received my PR visa yesterday within less than 8months since first step. I owe the major part of my achievement to her experienced help and advice. Among lots of other agencies which I looked for, I found her being reliable, experienced and patient from even the first conversation. I was so stressed but she was always reassuring me with her expertise and positivity. I strongly recommend her and VISA AUS team to anyone who want to be in good hands through their immigration process and get successful.
Hossein Fahham
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