free consultation

free consultation

Start your immigration process with our free consultation, either face-to-face, by phone or Skype

2019 Mar 10

We provide free consultation and advice about your visa options depending on your circumstances in accordance with current Australian immigration laws.

We review your matter, answer your questions and provide our opinion regarding the strengths of your case - completely free of charge.

Our goal is to help you so if you needed more time to discuss your matter, you can come back after an initial free consultation, and we will give you more time without any extra charges.

Remember that the visa class you have in mind might not necessarily be your best visa option; our professional advice will eventually save you time and money.

Our initial free advice includes:

  • Advice on the relevant visa applications which may be available to you;
  • Information on the criteria for each of these visa types
  • Any critical dates which might apply in your case
  • Possible pitfalls or shortcomings in your case
  • Details on the main stages in the application process
  • An indication of the average processing time for the application

Preparing For Your Consultation

So that we can provide complete advice on your situation, we ask that you complete and email back the consultation form well ahead of the consultation.

Book an Appointment

To book your free consultation, please call us and we will arrange a face to face or phone consultation.