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2017-12-19, 19:46
Thank you for all your help and affection and we've been happy with your services. It’s really good news for me and Mohsen in the year.
I wish you all the best in the new year.
Thank you so much
Tarek Assaf
2017-10-09, 12:05
I want to commend you for your efforts on the Spouse visa. My wife and I noticed and appreciated your attention to details and relentless determination to ensure all proceedings are accurate and on time. We are proud to have engaged you as our migrant agent. We had only a vague notion of what we needed, but you translated it into a very successful outcome. My special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you did. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for us to have worked and engaged with such dedicated and talented team.
2017-09-21, 19:47
Dear Mrs. Reypour
Throughout my life I had many dreams and immigration to Australia was the top one.
I worked so hard for many years to achieve this dream and I have gone through hardship and disappointed during these years.
Through my immigration process I met a lot of people, they helped me and I learned a lot of things from them and I want you to know you have made a remarkable role in fulfilling my dreams and I will never forget you and your team’s efforts.
The great efforts and careful consideration of your team is one of the most important reasons for completing each steps of the process and getting the visa.
Thank you so much, I will never forget your kindness and I appreciate your efforts and I hope that I can get your help in other step of my new life in Australia.
Thank you again
Behnam Sadeghi
2017-08-14, 22:22
I am so glad to write this recommendation for Ms. Leila Reypour. First of all, I would prefer to appreciate her for all her kindness during my official process to get the PR. Ms. Reypour is a very kind, responsible, experienced, knowledgeable and super supportive consultant and thanks to all these advantages I was so confident that I would get my PR. As I remember, around three years ago when I was still in Iran, I saw VisaAus LinkedIn page, then because I had no good view of some of the consultants in Iran, I sent her an email and asked some questions about the PR process. I still remember that one day while I was watching TV, one person called my mobile with a foreign number. Then I saw she is Ms. Reypour, she answered all my questions in person, and this responsibility made me trust her and her lovely team, and now I am quite happy.
I would suggest you all contact her and her team if you need to change your life!
Behnam Sadeghi
2017-08-14, 22:18
In summary: wonderful...wonderful...wonderful!
Ms. Horriat always has a good news for the clients, at least in my case it is absolutely true; and this is because of her knowledge and experience is her job. I am so happy today because I trust her and she did her best and gave me the final and best news I needed which was about my PR. In addition to all the positive points mentioned above, I must say Ms. Horriat is quite hardworking, responsible and supportive. She helped me to be confident about the final result. She is so patient as well and even when she is so busy, she listens to the clients and helps them kindly. Again I must emphasize that Ms. Pegah Horriat is wonderful, and as her client, I will never forget her kindness and efforts
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