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Code of Conduct

The "Migration Agents Code of Conduct" is published by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, the Australian Government body established to regulate the conduct of migration advice professionals.                                           

The Migration Agents Code of Conduct sets out the professional rules that a migration agent must follow in dealing with clients. It contains a clear statement of what you can expect from your migration agent in terms of work practices and our professional obligations to you. Further, if you are not happy with the work of your migration agent the Migration Agents Code of Conduct sets out how you can make a formal complaint to the Australian Government.

For more information on the activities and role of the MARA please Click Here.

Migration Agents obligations under the Code?

Under the Code a Migration Agent has a range of obligations covering:

  • Migration Agents interactions with their clients
  • Migration Agent’s fees and charges, record keeping and financial management
  • Migration Agent’s responsibilities toward other agents
  • any employees the Migration Agent may have
  • the requirement that Migration Agent respond if a complaint is made against them  

Another obligation is that Migration Agents needs to prominently display the Code in their office, client’s waiting area. They must also provide clients with a copy of it to keep if they ask for one.

Also it is requirement of MARA that the link to Code of Conduct and Agent’s Registration Number must appear on the first page of the Registered Migration Agent’s website.


When choosing a migration agent you need to pay special attention to the way the agent has advertised. Under the Code of Conduct a Registered Migration Agent where advertising:

  • Must not guarantee the success of an application
  • Include in the advertisement the words “Migration Agents Registration Number” or “MARN”, followed by the agent’s individual registration number even if the advertisement is in another language.
  • Must not use some terms/words to imply the existence of a relationship with the Department or the government authorities such as the words ‘we are Department registered’ or ‘Australian Government registered’.

Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession

The document "Consumer Guide" contains a summary of what you need to know about the migration advice industry in Australia. It is shorter than the MARA Code of Conduct, and summarises the basic information about the role of the profession.

To obtain a copy of Consumer Guide, please click here.