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Client Testimonials

Mehdi Vesal Keyvan Ghasemi Marcos Morales Rodrigo Morteza Mousavi Barroudi Esmaeil Eshaghi Mahdi Vesal

Mehdi Vesal

Mrs. Reypour was my agent in assisting me to get my Australian PR. I found her very professional and fully aware in the migration area. So, for those who are going to apply for Australian PR, try VISA Aus - you won’t be disappointed

Keyvan Ghasemi

I would like to express my gratitude to VISA Aus Support Team specially the team manager, Ms. Pegah Horriat Parvar for assistance and positive results regarding my visa application.

Marcos Morales Rodrigo

Leila is that kind of Person (with capital letter) who makes things easy, smooth and always listening, advising and speaking to everyone, seeking the best understanding of each situation. Analytical, kind, close, warm, extremely professional and seriously skilled. I can't do anything else but recommend her because of her strong knowledge of laws, her attention to details, her professionalism and her fantastic services through VISA Aus. It is impossible to ask for anything else. A 1 in a million Person with 10 over 10 for everything

Morteza Mousavi Barroudi

Leila has helped me to obtain my Australian Permanent Residentship VISA as a registered immigration agent. The process was successful thanks to Leila's professional skills and her strong personality. I strongly recommend Leila as an immigration agent.

Esmaeil Eshaghi

For those who are keen to apply for Australian permanent residency, I have worked with Leila as my agent and am pretty happy with her support and assistance

Mahdi Vesal

PhD candidate, Supply Chain, Innovation and Sustainability Researcher, Chemical Engineer If you want to migrate to Australia, there is no one else to call but Visa Aus office for a professional service. Mrs. Horriat as a team manager and other experts in Visa Aus migration office competently and professionally handled my application and I am truly satisfied and happy with their service.

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